The One Consultancy worked with Steph Sandford, MD of Purple Fizz to help her define her offer and brand values, while identifying key areas to address in terms of marketing. Here she details how we worked together – and what the results have been.

Challenges faced:

  • Felt lost; not knowing which direction to go in
  • Scared to charge more
  • Lack of understanding of what my competition was doing and why they were getting bookings
  • Speaking to all – and ending up speaking to none
  • Appearing to be a jack of all trades
  • Felt defeated and ready to give up

What we helped the business overcome and Implement:

  • Website review: was looking unprofessional and sending unclear messages to my clients
  • Defining my values – clarifying what was really important to me so I could run my business in a way that feels right
  • Put a social media plan of action in place, where before we did no digital marketing
  • Undertook competitor research so I was able to see the gaps and differentiate from the competition. This is what really put me on the right track and feeling confident about going forwards to be the leaders in service


  • Clear message that says “we are the professionals, and this is what we do”
  • 40% conversion rate up from 25%
  • Attracting the right clients – our ideal clients – and forging better relationships
  • Increased client satisfaction… and therefore my own satisfaction levels soared
  • Won an award for service excellence – we are not only standing out from the competition, but leading in service
  • Now in the process of franchising the business

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