If you own a business and have a long-term vision but aren’t quite sure how to reach it, then perhaps you need The One Consultancy to help.  You may be great at what you do, and maybe don’t have time to sweat the small stuff, that really is quite important.  Mike Jack, founder of The One Consultancy can help.

Who is Mike Jack?

He’s a Kiwi! He came to the UK over 30 years ago when he was offered a visa as part of the Commonwealth agreement and although he has travelled extensively, he found his love of the UK and remained.

Mike is also a serial volunteer!  There is nothing he enjoys more than working with and helping people reach their goals, and through volunteering he has found real satisfaction of feeling part of the community.

Tell us about the One Consultancy

‘My business is all about helping people, which I am so passionate about’, says Mike.  The One Consultancy is about helping businesses have a short and long term strategy, that will help the owners reach their business goals.  ‘It’s about helping people through mentoring, coaching and consulting.’  Mike goes into businesses and works with the owners to help them reach their full potential.  Some businesses may only need a few small changes, others need more help.  He works across a wide breadth of independent businesses from fashion designers, restaurants, children’s nurseries and photographers.

What sort of things are you looking at when you go to a business

‘I always mystery shop over a period of time before I have an initial meeting.   I like to see businesses from a customer perspective so I can see what works and what doesn’t.  I will then work with the business owner on ideas to help long term business growth.’  The One Consultancy is all about empowering people, helping them to gain confidence in areas of their business that may not focus on.  It’s not about finding fault or failures, but about building on successes and inspiring confidence.

Does change always require additional investment?

‘It’s not always about cost, return on investment is so much more important.  Businesses need to look at the long-term goal, use the best of their talents and asking for help in areas, which need improvement.  A good leader should surround themselves with the right people. For example, if you aren’t good with figures, ensure you have a good accountant, its about working with the right people, then that ensures that you aren’t wasting money but investing’.

If I have a successful business, would I still use The One Consultancy?

‘Yes, if you want to continue to grow.  You’d be on dangerous ground with your business if you sat still and didn’t continue to learn.  There are always ways to improve, be it through advances in technology, areas to save, new skilled staff etc’, says Mike.

Tell us about your style of working.

‘I would say that I’m very open and honest.  I am a very visionary person and always have a goal and therefore I want people to be able to continue to grow and achieve their vision.  I believe in listening and I see things as opportunities.  I love seeing how I can help and work with someone on their journey of improvement.  I see it as a joint passion between the business owner/s’ and myself.

What else do you do in Chislehurst?

‘I like to keep busy which is why I love volunteering.  I’ve spent many years as a Rotarian.  I joined them as again I felt passionately about raising money for the community to ensure that people living locally can have good events and facilities. I built the Satellite Group with the Rotarians, which is aimed at bringing in new members and helping it to grow.  I’m Chairman of the Residents Association, a Road Steward for The Chislehurst Society, I work with a Foodbank in Mottingham and also Steps in Mottingham which is a group for young people offering youth activities.  I am also Chair for Visit Chislehurst, which I am immensely proud of as I work with some fantastic like minded volunteers.’

As a volunteer do you have a vision for Chislehurst?

‘I love living in BR7, it’s convenient for London, and the Kent countryside.  We are lucky to have such open spaces, pubs/restaurants and independent shops.  I enjoy being part of all the events that take place and it’s what sets Chislehurst apart from other towns.  The volunteer groups in Chislehurst like The Chislehurst Society, Friends of the Chislehurst Rec etc are all run by volunteers, who have other jobs and families of their own, but they all give up their time for others.  They aren’t sitting behind a key board offering ideas and opinions but are living a life and physically getting involved and that’s so important to make a community work.  If the keyword warriors put as much time and effort into volunteering as they so with their destructive, negative comments on social media the world would be a far better place! I have such admiration for people who are ‘doers!

We – Visit Chislehurst are already working on an event for the Queens Platinum Jubilee in July alongside Rotary, The Commons, and the Chislehurst Society. We have also started organising the Christmas Market, which was a huge success last year with over 12,000 people attending. Rotary are already planning the annual summer fair as well as the fireworks in November – all of which is done by an incredible group volunteers!  – that’s what makes Chislehurst a special place to live!’

If you want to get in touch with Mike for help with your business, he would be more than happy to chat with you.

Mike was interviewed by Sue Horler, Marketing Director of Visit Chislehurst

January 2022